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David Henry

Brain Injury & Mental Health Advocate

In his presentation, David Henry will take us through the twists and turns of his life. He has had multiple life-changing experiences, and the fact that he has survived is only the beginning. With his sometimes-silly sense of humour he will help us understand how he has gone from being a vegetable to continuing to provide for his family. It is a compelling story of a man who has battled back from head injuries and mental health issues. He will provide tips and steps on how to cope and survive mental health issues and bring awareness to others on what people with head injuries and mental health issues must go through every day.

Michael Dudley

Community Outreach Librarian, University of Winnipeg

With master’s degrees in Library and Information Studies as well as City Planning, Michael Dudley has worked at the University of Winnipeg since 2000, both at the Institute of Urban Studies and, since 2012, as the Librarian for Indigenous studies, history, political science and theatre and film. His published research addresses forms of subjugated knowledge and discourses in the academy and in academic libraries, including those concerning Indigenous genocides in the Americas, and the controversy over the authorship of the Shakespeare canon. Since 2006 he has been a regular book reviewer for the Winnipeg Free Press.

Candi Bezte

Professor – Biology & Human Concerns

Candi received her 4 year B.Sc. in Biology and 3 year B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Winnipeg and her M.Sc. in Zoology, specializing in Aquatic Toxicology, from the University of Manitoba. She worked a decade in Aquatic Environmental Consulting, ran a home-based business for 15 years, has accumulated a reasonable amount and variety of volunteer hours and loves speaking on all issues pertaining to the environment to anyone who will listen! She is currently living out that passion by teaching Biology and Human Concerns and Human-Environmental Interactions at University of Winnipeg, right back where she started. Her talk will be on our need to change the way we look at things so we can achieve the kind of future we want. Or, perhaps to fit the theme better, maybe a title could be - Can we find freedom in a different lens? .